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Alpha-10 is an Asian centric fund manager focused on alternative structured financing and special situational opportunities.

Our investment objective is to seek to maximize returns in a risk-controlled framework by constructing a portfolio of regional and sectorial financing and investment positions using a conservative approach.

Investment Objectives

  • Absolute Return Strategy:

We have adopted an investment approach with the key objective of maximizing returns each year while targeting no negative returns in any rolling 12-month period.


  • Capital Preservation and Growth:

Working within a risk-controlled framework, we actively manage a portfolio which capitalises on interest income and capital appreciation derived from different regions and sectors. 

Our structured financing arm focuses on unlocking gains in funding gaps within the vast world of trade finance, particularly in Asia. Equipped with an extensive network and the required expertise, we capture niche segments ranging from factoring-backed assets within the investment grade universe to financing structures enhanced with credit protection. This unique accessibility and opportunity provide a strong and market neutral foundation to our overall objective.

Our special situations strategy employs a highly flexible approach in uncovering potential debt and equity investments primarily in small-mid caps to generate worthy risk-adjusted returns by targeting investments with significant upside potential when rightful opportunities present themselves.